Survival and Flourishing
.Com (SFC)


Survival and Flourishing .Com (“SFC”) is a Public Benefit Corporation engaged in philanthropy to support companies, organizations, and projects with positive externalities for the survival and flourishing of humanity and other sentient beings. Our main plan at present is to distribute non-dilutive grants to for-profit companies recommended by grant recommendation processes ogranized through (“SFF”). We’ll also occationally engage directly in specific philanthropic projects.

New contractor role: Web security task force contractor for AI safety announcements

Hours & Compensation: $100-$200/hr depending on experience, for announcement projects spanning 1-3 weeks of work at a time.

SFC is looking for white-hat hackers and security professionals who can join our task force of “on call” professionals for a week or so, once or twice per year, to bolster the web security posture around public AI safety announcements from non-profits in our network. Click here to read more and apply.

How to request an SFC grant

SFC intends to make most of its grants based recommendations from SFF applications, announced here. To apply for a grant as a for-profit entity, please wait for SFF to post an announcement inviting for-profit companies to apply for grants.