Survival and Flourishing
.Com (SFC)


Survival and Flourishing .Com (“SFC”) is a Public Benefit Corporation engaged in philanthropy to support companies, organizations, and projects with positive externalities for the survival and flourishing of humanity and other sentient beings. We distribute non-dilutive grants to for-profit companies recommended by grant recommendation processes ogranized through (“SFF”), and we also engage directly in specific philanthropic projects, such as, a project of SFC. Currently our work is financed by philanthropist Jaan Tallinn.

How to request an SFC grant

SFC intends to make most of its grants based recommendations from SFF applications, announced here. To apply for a grant as a for-profit entity, please wait for SFF to post an announcement inviting for-profit companies to apply for grants.

SFC Leadership

Andrew Critch
Andrew Critch
Andrew Critch is CEO of Encultured AI, and also a part-time research scientist (~1 day/week) in the EECS department at UC Berkeley, at the Center for Human Compatible AI. He earned his PhD in mathematics at UC Berkeley studying applications of algebraic geometry to machine learning models. During that time, he cofounded the Center for Applied Rationality and SPARC. Andrew has been offered university faculty positions in mathematics and mathematical biosciences, worked as an algorithmic stock trader at Jane Street Capital's New York City office, and as a research fellow at the Machine Intelligence Research Institute. His current research interests include logical uncertainty, open source game theory, "boundary theory", and avoiding arms race dynamics between nations and companies in AI development.
Eric Rogstad
Eric works at, where he was a founding engineer, building a new cryptocurrency derivatives exchange. Previously, he worked as a software engineer at Microsoft and, and was co-founder of, a platform for finding, reading, and creating crowdsourced, intuitive explanations, developed partly in response to the observation that arguments about civilization-scale priorities like existential risk are complex and in need of better organizational tools for conveying them. Eric holds a BSE in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Duke University.